“Block User”

I will be honest with you guys…

How often do you block the people from your life? Do you need them after some time, or, when you put your finger on this button in your life, you completely forget about them?

My story is more like this…

I can block “you”, and then I can unblock you. And then, after some time, I can do the same thing. And maybe I can do this once or twice more, but, in the end, once, you will stay what I choose to have.

And there is another side…there is always another side.

In my life; I have one rule: “First block – Forever blocked!”
And, I can tell you. It’s a good thing, because…
This way you make more space for the those who can’t reach you. You do not hear them in this crowd!

Simply…sometimes it is good to make this step. Press the “Block User” button. 😉

4 thoughts on ““Block User””

    1. Maja…da te ispravim. Inače je Marijana. Ali za prijatelje, potencijalne i buduće, može samo Maja…i da…sad cu da bacim pogled na insta. Samo što sam ušla u stan…krece moje vreme kreativnosti. Red bi bio da i napišem koju… 😂😉


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